Assisted Dying: Who Makes the Final Decision?
Assisted dying is one of the most highly debated issues of the modern age, generating countless headlines and moral questions. Published in conjunction with the organization Dignity in Dying, this important new book provides a forum for expert commentators in a variety of fields, including religion and medicine, to explore whether there is a more humane response to the suffering some people may encounter in their final weeks or months of life and what a more compassionate approach might be.

It is edited by Lesley Close and Jo Cartwright, two proponents of greater choice at the end of life, and all the contributors support the need to change the law. Starting from a position that the current legal situation is untenable, case studies shed light on the negative consequences of legislation that prohibits assisted dying as well as the lack of choice for dying people who may be suffering intolerably. The case studies punctuate chapters by a variety of authors who consider different aspects of the issue and attempt to address the concerns raised by the frequently moving true-life accounts.


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Lesley Close - co-editor, Assisted Dying: Who Makes the Final Decision?

Lesley Close
Lesley has been a spokesperson for Dignity in Dying since the death of her brother, John, at Dignitas and was made a patron in 2009.

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Jo Cartwright - co-editor, Assisted Dying: Who Makes the Final Decision?

Jo Cartwright
Jo has worked for Dignity in Dying since 2006. She is Campaigns and Press Manager.

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